Create a life of freedom and flexibility

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Create a life of freedom and flexibility

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Make Monday Great

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We’re Matt & Andrew!

The Make Monday Great Team

We are both professional affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs. Our passion is to enjoy life, spend quality time with our wives, travel the world and help other people achieve the same freedom and success.

We founded Make Monday Great in September 2018 after being sick of trading all our time for the corporate rat-race.

Our mission is to help find freedom, fulfilment and success for others, by building an online business.

Will you be next?


Ever felt trapped? Ever felt like there must be more to life than working for someone else and making their dreams a reality instead of your own? Imagine having the freedom to do whatever you want to do, with whoever you want to do it with, every day.


Wealth isn’t just about money, wealth is about being abundant in all areas of life. Wealth is having a great relationship with your family, and/or having the ability to do good for others. True wealth comes from within, and that is a major lesson that comes from following your dreams.

Discover how to start an online business from scratch, earn a passive income and create a life of freedom!

Meet our personal mentor, Stuart Ross!

Please watch this video from our personal mentor, Stuart Ross, founder of the SFM. 

Stuart will explain the opportunity in a little more detail and the free video workshop series that is available.

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