About Matt

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Matt | Founder


I’m Matt and I founded Make Monday Great in September 2018 after having a burning desire to start spending more time with my wife and have a better quality of life.

My goal is to help people build their own online business from scratch, regardless of their age and experience. If you’re looking for more time freedom, fulfilment and the ability to work from any location then I would love to help.

I am now fortunate enough to own my own online business which now gives me the flexibility and freedom to work from any geographical location, spend everyday with my wife, travel the world and earn a passive income at the same time.

“Everything in life starts with a single step, why don’t you take that step today?”

Best wishes,



Andrew | Co-Founder

I spent five years working within Estate Agency with my business partner and friend, Matt. With a wife and very young family, I was committing 60 hours a week to a job that was not providing any freedom, fulfilment or financial success.

However, like Matt I am now the co-founder of an online business which gives me all the things that life in the corporate rat race could not provide me with. I now have the freedom to work from any location, fulfilment from the knowledge that I am in a position to help other people to pursue a similar journey and the ability to support my family financially. I also cannot put a value on the time I am now able to spend with my young children….priceless?

Join Matt and I in our journey to enjoy the freedom, fulfilment and success that we enjoy.

We are here to help you.