5 Daily Steps To Success In 2018

We are living in the digital age where we now have more information available to us than ever. There’s almost an infinite number of ideas and resources available at the tip of our keyboard, and the information is not just presented in writing. On a daily basis we can access podcasts, vlogs, videos, audio recordings and follow our role models on social media.

So how do you set up your life on your own terms, have the freedom to work from any given location and have an online business that will conquer the internet? Below are five highly regarded steps that will help create the life of your dreams in 2018.

1. Surround Yourself With Positivity

This starts with detaching yourself from any form of negativity. Believe in yourself and understand that having the correct mindset is critical. If you don’t then you will find that you attract others who struggle with believing in themselves too. Acknowledge your strengths, gifts and talents and when you start believing in yourself, you will be able to honour your truth, follow your heart and naturally attract positive energy… Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.

2. Meditate

Meditation is like a workout for your brain. Over time it can improve your overall brain health and build your mental capacity. This makes sense because when you meditate you’re essentially practicing concentration and laser-like focus. So it should come as no surprise that studies show that meditation can help people sustain their focus, even during boring tasks. Meditation releases endorphins in part of our brain that help elevate mood and have a positive effect in the whole body. It is also known to alter brain activity and enhance an area associated with positive emotional experiences.

Meditation also relaxes you by allowing you to focus on one thing, such as your breathing, which will help eliminate the stream of negative thoughts that may be  causing stress. If practiced on a regular basis, meditation can give you a sense of peace, calm and balance, and help you gain new perspectives when facing a stressful situations.

3. Focus On Your Ideal Day

This invaluable daily practice gives me something to strive towards, look forward to and feel great about. Have you ever taken the time to imagine what your Ideal Day may look like, sound like and feel like? Where will you live? What house will you own? What car will you drive? How happy will you feel?

Spend time to really focus on this small project and once you’re happy, memorise it inside out. Wake up every morning and say it back to yourself.

This simple exercise has come to be one that I value deeply and associate with significant importance.

Thinking about an Ideal Day gets me focused on my goals, whilst writing it down forces me to pay attention to what is possible and what has already happened. For me, my Ideal Day isn’t a dream but a direction to move and strive towards.

Napoleon Hill wrote in The Master Key to Riches: “Mental attitude is important because it converts the brain into the equivalent of an electromagnet which attracts the counterpart of one’s dominating thoughts, aims and purposes. It also attracts the counterpart of one’s fears, worries and doubts.”

4. Get Inspired

Inspiration can be activated, captured, and manipulated, and it has a major effect on important life outcomes. Surround yourself with inspirational and motivational people.

My recommendation for this tip is to download a daily podcast, watch  a TED talk or listen to a motivational speaker.  The benefits of inspirational talks are the constant education, the personal/ professional growth and the ability to see a different perspective on life.  You’ll also become more imaginative and learn new things.

I try and find time to listen for at least 30 mins per day. I find this is easily achievable on my commute to work whilst driving, otherwise whilst walking or working out. You’ll soon see the entertainment value and the benefits!

5. Find Time To Relax

Relaxation allows time for our mind and body to repair. It has also been shown that relaxing improves our mood and improves brain function and memory. There are several health benefits such as lowering the risk of depression and anxiety, hypertension, heart attacks, and other heart-related problems.

Your body and mind craves relaxation a lot more than you realise and I recommend dedicating 5% of your time each day for this. Find something that you really enjoy, which doesn’t involve competition, such as reading or swimming. For me, I love to walking and listening to music.

Relaxation is well known for encouraging a healthy body and mind, as well as increasing blood flow to your muscles, thereby providing more energy and improving your memory. If your mind is calm, you can evaluate your daily task, projects and concerns more quickly, than if you’re burdened with unnecessary and often unrelated worries.


Thanks for reading!

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Matt, founder of Make Monday Great.

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